Big Visions, Patience and Miracles

"Let the Divine handle the details, and demonstrate to you that 'impossible' can actually be easy when you surrender, step aside and trust the magic of the Universe" - Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, Oracle of the Unicorns Guidebook

What big vision are you holding? Those who know me well know that mine is to help equines. The wild mustangs, domestic horses, ponies, minis, donkeys, mules. All of them. To help heal the horse consciousness. When I read about or even think about the injustice that is taking place I often end up in tears. A sign that I now know helps to alert us that this is part of our purpose. I am going to start putting it out there more often because the more I use my voice, the easier it will be for the Divine to make connections, synchronicity and miracles happen.

I went to a park yesterday with a friend. This particular park is said to be an energy vortex in the area. While we were there we were discussing common pieces of our visions, possibilities, and next steps. We came across a log that had fallen across a stream and I felt drawn to walk across it. Part way across the log I said..."Hey, now I know why I was supposed to do that" . Some of you may have seen the video I posted and heard the message that came to me part way across the log. So simple but such a powerful reminder. "One foot in front of the other, stay focused, have faith, one step at a time." And if you saw the video you can tell that I went slowly and was very focused, never losing site of the goal.

Then this morning decided to draw 2 cards from the Oracle of the Unicorns deck and do a little meditation. I drew "Patience" and "Miracles". The messages could not have been more perfect or aligned to my experience on that log yesterday.

Patience - When you have set your intentions and made your request to the universe, remember that sometimes it takes time to come into physical form. Don't give up. Keep holding space for the vision. Even if you are not seeing physical results, know that Spirit is making sure that everything will manifest in perfect form and timing. Meanwhile, relax into this period of waiting. I tend to have a hard time "doing nothing" so my guides helped me to reword this as "active waiting". Keep moving by taking action on your intuition and the synchronicity that takes place. Which leads us to the second card....

Miracles - I am going to quote Cornelia Fransesca Brabbs here because the message is so perfect. "Make space for Miracles by releasing the belief that anyone or anything in the physical world is the source of the good in your life. Instead place your full focus on the Divine as your infinite, unwavering, unlimited Source, and let the joy and gratitude of that truth open gateways of abundance". Remember that the Divine operates outside of time and space. Anything can happen. If you Believe. If you let it.

So here’s to Big Visions, Patience and Miracles! While you are "actively waiting" by taking action on your intuitive nudges and paying attention to synchronicity.....remember to HAVE FUN AND PLAY!

Believe in the Magic,


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