Complete Shattering of Self: A Precious Gift

Imagine beginning a session with your mentor and as she takes a look at your energy field she not only says you are not in a timeline right now, but that you are not formed.  And that this is a good thing!

This is how my most recent session with my mentor Jenny Schiltz began last week.  As we dug deeper, my guides explained that the news I had gotten the day before about a pay cut due to the corona virus impact was the catalyst to what was happening in my energy field.  Of course I had felt some fear when I got the news.  However, I also reminded myself to remain in faith and not fear.  I went outside in nature.  I spent some time with the horses and grounded and centered.  My guides explained that I could have gone into full blown fear and I did not.  It was a massive test and I had passed (phew!).  I had switched more into divine knowing.  This caused the shattering in my energetic field.

So why the shattering if I had passed the test?  There has been much written recently about getting rid of old programming that no longer serves us.  Along those lines, Jenny told me to picture how fear had been a part of the programming in every single cell in my body.  Because I chose differently, everything now had to be rewritten.  In every cell.  I was unraveling myself.  My guides showed Jenny a big ball of yarn and in the center was something that I don't want.  I was unraveling myself to get to the center of what I do not want so that I could get rid of it.  

I was told, this is not a collapse, it is a rewriting.  A Reorganization.  A reordering.  I was told that it was like I had been cut into a puzzle and the pieces were now scattered all over the place.  Not only were the pieces scattered, but when all was said and done, I would not be picking up all of the pieces when I put myself back together.  It was an energetic redefining.  I was getting rid of things that subconsciously may have been holding me back.

When I asked what do I do next, I was told to just be for a couple of days.  Don't make any major decisions.  Continue the rewrite.  Know that all is well even when it doesn't seem like it.  Continue reaffirming that, because that is what is pulling out the stuff I don't want anymore.  I was reminded that everything is shifting and this will be like shock waves going through my system.  My guides asked that I think about what I wanted going forward?  What are my must haves?  What parts of myself do I want to leave behind?  They were not referring just to physical things or relationships, they were referring literally to aspects of self.  Who do I want to be?  What do I want to embody?

During this same session with Jenny she also retrieved a soul piece from this life that will have significant impact as I continue to unravel myself.  Jenny also found where in another life I had been bound and unable to crossover.  It was an amazing session and Jenny not only set that aspect of me free and I was able to crossover from that life, but many other souls were also set free.  I felt such amazing lightness when the session was over.  I know there will be more to tell as I continue to unravel and reorganize so look for 2 more blogs to come where I will share more about each of these integrations.  

I felt it was important to share this experience and the messages that were given by my guides because I think many of us are going through an unraveling right now.  The catalyst that caused your shattering may have been something different, but it's still a shattering.  It is so important that we stay in faith and not fear right now.  That we dig deep and get rid of that old programming and rewrite our lives from our heart knowing.  I was also reminded that there is not an expectation that we are perfect.  It is normal to dip in and out of fear.  Sometimes the unraveling is messy.  What is important is that we continue to recenter ourselves and come back to our heart space.  To Love.  To Faith.  So I encourage you to take some time in the next few days while you are sheltering safe in your home to think about your own puzzle pieces.  What do you want to create for your life?  What do you want to leave behind.  What aspects of you do you want to embody and take forward into this new age that we are entering?   I plan to cut up some pieces of paper to represent my puzzle pieces and write down both the aspects I want to leave behind and those I want to carry forward.  Then have a little fire and burn the ones I am leaving behind.  I thought I would mention that in case it resonates for you to do the same.  

I spent some time outside tonight and as I was about to go back inside 5 turkey vultures came soaring in and circled above me to drive the message home.  One meaning of the number 5 is that big changes are about to unfold in your life.  Turkey vultures often symbolize rebirth.  What an incredible opportunity we are being given to create our lives in this new age!  I wish you so much love, compassion and grace as you put your puzzle pieces back together and embody your highest divine self.  Remember that all is well, even when it doesn't seem like it.  Keep reaffirming, stay in the space of Faith.

Believe in the Magik,


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