Death and Rebirth, Limiting Beliefs and Being Done

Sunday morning I walked outside to check on the horses and there were turkey vultures everywhere.  I walked around the yard in pure awe.  Vultures carry the medicine of death and rebirth. Of new vision.  I have been preparing for a trip to France to visit the Mary Magdalene sites.  For those of us going on the trip it was suggested by our mentor, Jenny Schiltz, that we needed to let go of everything that is not aligned to our highest divine potential.  The turkey vultures have been making an appearance often lately.  But as you can see from the pictures, today they made an even bolder statement.  There was no mistaking the fact that they had a message.  So what could it be I wondered? What is it that I need to release before this trip to help me go through the death and rebirth process I am currently navigating through?  

As I sat outside pondering, I decided too watch to a video that a friend/colleague, Alyssa Sheffar, had posted in her Unbridled Mama faceboook group (definitely check it out here, she is amazing!) Alyssa was talking about limiting beliefs.  Limiting beliefs are things like unworthiness, shame, guilt and fear.  Just to name a few.  Basically anything that you believe to be true that is limiting you.  Keeping you from reaching your highest divine potential.  I listened as Alyssa talked about her relationship with her Dad who had recently passed and how they had begun to repair their relationship a few months prior.  She mentioned how she hadn’t always gotten the attention she wanted from him when she was a child And that this had contributed to feelings of unworthiness.  She mentioned how she had always tried so hard to do her best at everything and get good grades.  

And then it hit me.  You see, I wasn’t always the best Mom when my daughter Jess was growing up.  I made some bad decisions that had nothing to do with her.  Jess always has been and always will be the most amazing daughter I could ever have.  I had feelings of unworthiness that led to depression and lots of bad decisions that made Jess feel like she wasn’t important.  I always wondered why she pushed herself so hard to always get A’s.  And to be the best at everything she did.  She always put so much pressure on herself.  At the time I thought I didn’t contribute to this stress.  I didn’t expect her to get all A’s.  I didn’t want her to stay up all night studying.  But after listening to Alyssa talk, the light bulb went off and I realized I did contribute to the stress.  Limiting beliefs are often passed down from generation to generation.  Because of my feelings of unworthiness and the actions I took, I passed the feeling of being unworthy down when I made Jess feel like she was not important to me.  I did cause her to put pressure on herself.  The tears flowed and I realized there was still forgiving and letting go that I needed to do.

Thankfully I have gone through much personal growth over the last few years and Jess and I have been able to repair our relationship over the last few months.  I am so grateful to be able to talk to her about things like this now.  After I had my realization we talked later that day and we agreed we are both done with the limiting belief of unworthiness.  It stops here and we will not pass it along in our ancestral lineage.  We are done. 

What limiting belief(s) do you want to let go of today?  I hope this blog inspires some reflection and helps you along your way to being DONE!

PS - to learn more about why it is so important to be DONE with all that is out of alignment in your life right now click here and listen too my mentor and friend Jenny Schiltz’ Inner Circle   Session!

PSS - THANK YOU Jess for being all that you are, I love you so much!


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