My horse Spirit kicked me yesterday...

I immediately sunk to the ground on my hands and knees in pain, involuntary tears coming down my face. I could barely walk. Even in the midst of the physical pain the emotional pain still rose to the surface. Why would she do that? The vet was here to give Bodhi, Spirit's 1 year old brother, a vaccine. I had Bodhi haltered and he was very mobile, trying to evade us. Which is not normal for him. And then Spirit kicked me. Many lessons here. The most obvious of course being that I should have had Bodhi in a pen by himself. I shouldn't have had been behind Spirit. She had never kicked anyone before so I had let myself get lax about it. However, I know the lesson runs deeper.

So okay universe, I am listening. I will sit with this over the next few days and listen some more. I have been running very fast lately to manifest some dreams that are very important to me. Perhaps this is a message to slow down a little. To be more observant. There are nudges and messages being sent all of the time. Slow down enough to take note.

I did a card reading the other night for myself and it felt very in flow. The messages came naturally. One of the big messages was that big change is coming soon and that I will know when the timing is right. To not listen to anyone else about the timing. To listen to my own intuition, nothing else. To my higher self. That being said, I do believe that sometimes the universe will step in sometimes to give us a little nudge (or kick).

From the moment I first "saw" Spirit I have always known that she would be one of my biggest teachers. Before I even moved to this property, while I was still living at the lake house, I had a vision. I saw a horses face. I knew it was a mare. She was buckskin with a dark mane. I could feel that she was fierce, in a good way. That her medicine was powerful. This confused me because I already knew that Chief and Sunshine were coming to live with me once I moved. And they were not buckskin. Spirit wanted me to find her. A few months later I saw a picture of a buckskin yearling for sale and I knew it was her. I had wanted to name a horse "Spirit", for "Spirit of Strength" but it just didn't feel like the right fit for Chief or Sunshine. Now I knew why. I went to visit her and decided on the spot that I wanted her to be a part of the family. She came home with me a few days later. (The picture above was taken right after she got off the trailer).

I am getting emotional as I write this because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will be one of my biggest teachers in this life. That she will help me to steer "Spirit of Strength" in the direction it needs to go. That she will help many people and equines as a result. Spirit is confident, spirited, and fierce. When life gets hard, sometimes we lose our spirit. Spirit will help empower people to remember their strength and to not allow the adversity of life to change who we are. She will help people to embody the strength of their Spirit. To remember that you are a Spirit of Strength.

Spirit is not a "bad" horse for kicking me. She had a message to deliver. A lesson to teach. As one of my amazing mentors Phil Oakes always says, since she can't talk, we don't know exactly what she was thinking. However, I do believe that we can energetically tune in and get a pretty good idea.

Over the last few years I have shifted my thinking so that when something I perceive as "bad" or "negative" happens I always look for the lesson. As Spirit of Strength takes flight, one of the main goals will be to help you to shift your perspective to a new way of seeing, so that you can experience a new way of being. To see that you do live in a universe that is working for you, not against you.

If you hit a bump in the road today, or maybe even a big pot hole, stop for a moment and ask yourself: "Is the universe trying to get my attention today? What can I learn from this? How can I shift my perspective to turn it into a positive?"

As a side note, I am doing much better today, I have 2 wonderful friends who sent Reiki (thank you Kim and Janice), and I did some Reiki on myself. I believe in energy work and truly believe this helped immensely!

Have a magical Saturday, and I hope that all of your lessons come in the form of nudges and not kicks today.

Believe in the Magic,


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