Our Story

“It’s all a mirage. None of this is real. You can create whatever you want to create.”
Are you ready to shift your perspective to a new way of seeing, so that you can experience a new way of being?
At Spirit of Strength, we believe that each one of us came into this world with unique gifts. We are all Spirits of Strength. When we are in alignment, when we are authentic, when we find our voice and share these gifts with the world…this is when we truly step into our power. Our true strength manifests when we share our Magic.
At Spirit of Strength, we see potential. We see possibilities. We see connections. We BELIEVE in and inspire Magic. Spirit of Strength strives to foster Connection and CommUNITY. We hold regular events that will support you, inspire you, guide you to discover more about yourself and help you to move into true alignment with who you are. The Spirit of Strength herd is an integral part of what we do. You can learn more about Chief, Sunshine, Spirit, Bodhi, Hope and Bumble, below.
At Spirit of Strength, we want you to "Remember Who You Are", and be authentically YOU.
A big part of why we do what we do at Spirit of Strength is to help equines in need. In order to help as many equines as we can we partner with the non-profit Open Spaces Sanctuary.

We Believe in the Magic! 

The Team


In 2017 I founded Spirit of Strength with a desire to empower Dream Weavers, Change Makers and Visionaries of all ages to be the change they want to see in their lives and in the world.

I see Potential. I see Possibilities. It lights me up to make connections. I believe in MAGIC. I aspire to help you along your Hero’s Journey.

I am a lover of animals, nature, the elements and Mother Earth. I believe that all living things have a soul and that we are all connected. I believe we all have the ability to make a positive contribution. I believe in partnering with horses and the horse consciousness. Helping equines in need resonates deeply with my soul.


Chief is the lead gelding in the herd. He truly is the Chief and takes very good care of everyone. For being such a big guy he is actually quite sensitive. He likes to help people to be empowered in their sensitivity. Freedom is also important to Chief. He likes to have a choice. This makes him an excellent partner for learning about boundaries.  When people ask about the bump on his forehead, we just tell them he is really a Unicorn - because he is!


Sunshine is a pony, and she is the lead mare. She is a nurturer. She is also always on the lookout watching over the herd. She is very sensitive to what emotions people bring in with them, so if you come to visit Sunshine, be aware of what is happening on this inside. That being said, she likes to help people (and her herd members) to process their emotions.


Spirit is confident, spirited, and fierce. Fierce in a good, loving way. When life gets hard, sometimes we lose our spirit. Spirit empowers people to remember their strength and to not allow the adversity of life to change who we are. She helps people to embody the strength of their Spirit. To remember that you are a Spirit of Strength.  Spirit was born in June of 2016.  She and Bodhi are full brother and sister.


Bodhi embodies a very “zen” energy. He is usually calm, letting most things roll off his back. He has a sweetness and purity about him. He is gifted in assisting people with the awakening process.  Bodhi was born in June of 2017.  He is also Spirit's little brother!  Other than his white blaze and taller white back socks they look very much alike.  

Hope and Bumble

Hope and Bumble arrived in July of 2018.  A good friend's husband was diagnosed with lymphoma and she asked if we would take them in.  They have a forever home now here at Spirit of Strength.  Hope and Bumble are minis but don't let their size fool you.  Hope is one tough cookie and if you ask her she runs the place.  She doesn't let anyone big or small intimidate her.  Underneath it all she is actually a very sweet girl.  Bumble is the tiniest horse here, but her personality is big.  She is full of spunk and has a sassy little diva head toss.  She is a little cautious around people but also very curious and wants to meet everyone who comes to visit.  Deep down she really just wants to be loved (don't we all!).  Her nickname is Bum Bum and when they have something to celebrate Karla and Bumble like to do a little dance they call the Bum Bum.  Maybe a video for another time....